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Route 11, alpine hike

From the mountain cable car station, the path heads over Chlus to the Schäfler guest house. Then the path goes past the Altenalptürm and the Öhrli, along the Blau Schnee to the summit of Säntis. Once you reach here, there is a narrow path, secured in some areas with cables, which has to be taken with the necessary caution, along the Lisengrat towards the Rotstein pass. Along the way there is a fantastic panoramic view of the Alps. With a bit of luck, you can see the alpine ibex colony near the Rotstein pass. Then you go up towards the Meglisalp, across the Unterstrich to the Seealpsee lake, and then on to Wasserauen. 

Duration: 8 h 30 min, 19.5 km


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